Laboratory Information Management System, Thermal Spray Processes Optimization, Quality Assurance and Production Documentation, Augmented Intelligence for Thermal Sprayers

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The Thermal Spray Intelligence Platform (TSIP) was created to provide augmented intelligence capabilities to technical users in the thermal spray industry for production management and optimization. TSIP was developed after the necessity of a system capable of tracking the link between thermal spraying parameters and the resulting deposited material properties (including: deposition efficiency, adhesion strength, porosity, hardness, etc.) in order to produce property targeted spraying operations. Basic features ensure smooth data entry flows and fast queries for data retrieval. The platform is designed to help users take advantage of their data simplifying decision making tasks using artificial intelligence tools and to ensure knowledge persistence in your organization.

Problem being solved:

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Document your production process

Control your production knowledge base for different powder materials and thermal spray equipments

Optimize your process with AI technologies

State of the art optimization paradigms are supported in the TSIP through a friendly interface. Our mission is to accelerate the development of new materials deposition through thermal spray technologies

Access your data anywhere

The TSIP is optimized for both desktop and mobile usage. You can carry with you all the production data and make smart decisions on the go.

TSIP Features

Intuitive mobile ready interface

TSIP documents your production assets and quality assurance data in the same place. Several thermal spray technologies are supported by the platform

Fast data input

Data can be easily added into the TSIP database. Data entries are easily linked (i.e. between spraying operations with substrates, powders and characterization results)

Practical data grouping

All the data in the TSIP can be grouped using tags for fast search and projects organization

Efficient data queries

TSIP is designed with an user interface for fast users interaction. For this reason TSIP is powered with a responsive querying system

Notes taking capabilities

TSIP lets you take notes about laboratory results for a proper reporting and knowledge persistance

All the power of AI at your fingertips

Take advantage of the latest artificial intelligence developments for coatings properties optimization and control. TSIP will guide you through the development of a new coating/substrate system with targeted properties

More features are planned in the roadmap, please subscribe to be informed about new developments

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